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Decorative metal for luxury stores.

Overview of Decorative Metal for Luxury Stores

Decorative metal for luxury stores, the jewel of the custom metal industry. The interior decoration projects of luxury stores have very strict requirements on the quality of metal products. Dingfu has been deeply engaged in the field of luxury decorative metal for more than 20 years, always focusing on the interior projects of luxury stores and providing customized metal solutions for the interior projects of luxury stores! Dingfu's project cases cover luxury stores in various daily fields such as jewelry, watches, clothing, accessories, bags, etc. We provide professional metal solutions for luxury store customers to build their luxury display scenes.

Corporate Philosophy

Dingfu Metal Products Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing decorative metal for luxury retail and high-end commercial building projects worldwide, and is a one-stop high-end decorative metal supplier. Our team has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and has been involved in the production of interior and exterior metal components and furniture for many luxury stores at home and abroad, and has also undertaken the production of interior and exterior decorative metal components for many commercial buildings, museums and hotels (Grand Lisboa Macau, Wynn Hotel, Venetian and MGM).

Metal Craftsmanship, Luxury Living

Guangzhou factory, HongKong  technology,Worldwide service.

Create luxury metal decorative texture for luxury stores.

Corporate Services

Preliminary preparation

Preliminary Preparation

In the pre-project phase, Dingfu can provide services including cost consulting, design assistance, and project planning. We work closely with our clients to prepare preliminary budgets and use our extensive experience to plan cost-saving value projects.

project management

project management

We always expect a high level of project quality and customer satisfaction. Our actual project delivery method enables us to fully integrate with the customer team to provide efficient and adequate solutions to any challenges that arise in the project life cycle.

Custom production

Custom production

With over 20 years of experience in customizing metal production, we are able to customize materials including stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other different materials in various shapes or sizes. We use innovative equipment and technology to give the product a true acute right angle. All surface finish (paint, electrolysis and hot dip galvanizing, anodizing and micro-spraying) are carried out by skilled and qualified engineers, making it possible to create a wide range of products.

Application Scenarios

Dingfu specializes in luxury metal customization, and our products are widely used in jewelry stores, Clothes Stores, Watches Stores, Bags Stores, optical stores, etc.

Application Scenarios

Clothes Stores

Application Scenarios

Luxurious Bags Stores

Application Scenarios

LuxuriousWatches Stores

Application Scenarios

Luxurious Shoes Stores

Application Scenarios

Optical Stores

Application Scenarios

Jewelry Stores

Corporate Advantages

01 Source manufacturer A manufactuting base with 2,600㎡ to ensure products can be deliveried on time.

We have 23 years of experience in manufacturing customized metal products. With 2,000㎡ production base, 20+ imported production equipment, 100+ production skilled hands, hand polished products. We can do 3 days proofing and 10 days shipping with guaranteed delivery time.

Source manufacturer

02 Technical Strength   Design products collaborativelly to meet personalized customization.

We have several technical engineers with more than 10 years of experience to provide product structure design and develop creative new products to meet the use scenarios. We will understand customer needs and provide personalized customization according to customer product usage scenarios.

Technical strength
Quality Assurance

03 Quality Assurance   10 testing procedures strictly abide by ISO quality system.

We adopt 5S site management methods and wireless ERP management system, and strictly comply with ISO quality management system norms. Cutting, grinding, v-grooving, bending and welding are all handled by dedicated personnel, and each process is tested to ensure product quality.

04 Service System  Warm-hearted all-day after-sale services will be provided.

We provide door-to-door installation services, value-added services such as product maintenance and technical answers. We have online customer service to receive customers around the clock, providing product consultation, after-sales docking and other services.

service system


MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

MGM MACAU is a five-star casino hotel located in the new reclamation area of Macau's new port, with a building height of 154 meters and 35 floors. The lobby of the hotel uses Dingfu's metal backdrop wall in a large area, and the project was highly recognized by the party after completion.
Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain

For the customers of Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain, we got in touch with customers through online marketing. After quotation and proofing of the metal screens, the customers finally chose to cooperate with us. After this project, we received the customer's approval and reached a long-term partner.
Classic Art Museum

Classic Art Museum

Through the referral of the design company, they decided to give Dingfu to complete their project with part of the metal customization through our previous projects and after the sample quotation.
Baoji Bronze Museum

Baoji Bronze Museum

Through the recommendation of the design company, the person in charge of the museum discussed with our company, and after several proofs and quotations, decided to give part of the project metal customization works to our company.
Technology Beauty and Wellness Center

Technology Beauty and Wellness Center

Through the referral of Mr. Chen from Chongqing, we met and discussed with Mr. Liu from Science and Technology Beauty and Wellness Center. They understand through our previous projects, and at the same time after the process of quote-sample-quote, finally decided to give their project to us to complete.
A well-known luxury store

A well-known luxury store

Through the design company recommended to know Dingfu stainless steel products factory, Mr. Wang demanded high quality of products. He learned through his friends that we specialize in customizing metal products. After a site visit, he decided to sign a contract with us. After the cooperation, we received the customer's approval and started the cooperation for two years.

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