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Craftsmen and craftsmanship. All efforts aims to ensure the quality of each product
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Metal technology

Dingfu Metal, specializing in luxury

Inherit the exquisite craftsmanship of Hong Kong

With 23 years of experience in customizing luxury decorative metals

Technology from Hong Kong, which is widely used in Hong Kong luxury stores, high-end luxury hotels and other decoration projects

Hong Kong technology concept, Hong Kong technology standard, Hong Kong technology team

High standard of quality assurance

Material selection


Selection for luxury


8K mirror surface (no tiny holes, no shadow and no scratch)


High precision CNC machining equipment


High quality material suppliers


High quality finish suppliers


High requirements for receiving inspection standards

Luxury craftsmanship

Dingfu specializes in luxury metal customization, and our products are widely used in jewelry stores, Clothes Stores, Watches Stores, Bags Stores, optical stores, etc.


High precision CNC laser cutting


High precision CNC planning V-groove bending and forming


Overall fully seamless welding+ fine grinding 8K mirror polishing (no shadow and no tiny holes)


Crafted by hand, with size error smaller than 0.2mm


Uniform brushing process (hair-line and vibration finish), which can subvert the metal aesthetic


3m large-film high-precision etching


Aerospace-grade nano paint


Military-grade anti-fingerprint treatment


Pure brass antique finish


High strength solder bonding process

Application Scenarios

Focus on: luxury store decoration.Decorative metal of Luxury store, is the crown of custom metal industry, extended to luxury hotels, private mansions, high-end clubs and other application scenarios

Application scenarios
Application scenarios
Application scenarios
Application scenarios
Application scenarios


1. Artisanship comes from the relentless pursuit of craftsmanship
2. Try our best, and strive to do better in every process
3. The team has more than 20 years of experience
4. We are at the forefront of innovation. More than 20 years of engineering experience helps customers stay away from engineering mistakes
5. The core competitiveness is the long years of accumulation of quality

Dingfu - Why expensive

Dingfu equals luxury of the very few
Dingfu Metal = Luxury Decorative Metal
It is valuable, so it its expensive for a reason.

Handcrafted by all craftsmen.

Exquisite luxury craftsmanship

Careful selection of materials and materials.

Have the patience to polish every detail, and to pursue the better.



MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

MGM MACAU is a five-star casino hotel located in the new reclamation area of Macau's new port, with a building height of 154 meters and 35 floors. The lobby of the hotel uses Dingfu's metal backdrop wall in a large area, and the project was highly recognized by the party after completion.
Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain

For the customers of Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain, we got in touch with customers through online marketing. After quotation and proofing of the metal screens, the customers finally chose to cooperate with us. After this project, we received the customer's approval and reached a long-term partner.
Classic Art Museum

Classic Art Museum

Through the referral of the design company, they decided to give Dingfu to complete their project with part of the metal customization through our previous projects and after the sample quotation.
Baoji Bronze Museum

Baoji Bronze Museum

Through the recommendation of the design company, the person in charge of the museum discussed with our company, and after several proofs and quotations, decided to give part of the project metal customization works to our company.
Technology Beauty and Wellness Center

Technology Beauty and Wellness Center

Through the referral of Mr. Chen from Chongqing, we met and discussed with Mr. Liu from Science and Technology Beauty and Wellness Center. They understand through our previous projects, and at the same time after the process of quote-sample-quote, finally decided to give their project to us to complete.
A well-known luxury store

A well-known luxury store

Through the design company recommended to know Dingfu stainless steel products factory, Mr. Wang demanded high quality of products. He learned through his friends that we specialize in customizing metal products. After a site visit, he decided to sign a contract with us. After the cooperation, we received the customer's approval and started the cooperation for two years.

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